Why Do We Eat What We Eat

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Everybody eats food, we have to, otherwise we are going to die. But why do you eat what you eat? Do you think about this when doing your groceries? Yes – of course mostly because you like it. But what reasons are behind that reason and how is our taste determined?

Food choice, like any other human behavior, is in influenced by many interrelated factors. The most important reasons to eat is of course hunger and satiety, but what we choose to eat is another thing. This is determined by other factors, namely;

  • The sensory assets of foods, such as taste, smell or appearance;
  • Social, emotional and cognitive factors, such as likes and dislikes, knowledge and attitudes related to diet and health.
  • Personal values, life experiences or cooking skills, a person’s beliefs and perceptions, such as perceived barriers to eating a healthy diet.
  • Cultural, religious and economic factors also constrain…

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